We adopt a four stage Plan-Design-Develop-Deploy to develop products.

The first step towards resolution of a problem or satiating a need to understand the issue well. We strive to obtain a 360-degree view of the issue on hand, gathering comprehensive information, understanding the perspectives of different stakeholders, and indulging in creative brainstorming to explore various courses of action and solutions. We then finalize on a course of action.



Having established clarity on the task on hand, we develop a systematic and structured plan, with definite timeframes and clear cut deliverables and each stage. The client requirement or the idea is transformed into a well-articulated and comprehensive action plan, covering all bases.



We reinforce our plans by designating appropriate resources and the right support at each stage. We next put the plan into action by designing a prototype or a working model of the solution, or designing a modus-operandi for the level of project execution.



Next, we work diligently to convert the prototype into a full-blown working system. We work with specific timelines, and a clear cut action plan for each stage. We strive to get it right the first time, and co-opt testing into each stage of development. A characteristic feature of our project is full transparency, allowing stakeholders to get a clear picture of the project.



Having successfully ironed out all the glitches in the proof-of-concept prototype, we deploy the project. We adopt a hands-on approach at the implantation stage, ironing out glitches proactively, and ensuring the release of a fully stable or robust project, complete in all aspects.

Over the years, we have applied our process successfully to deliver various cutting-edge solutions to several clients. Our process offer the best of consistency and flexibility. While it offers a robust framework to harness the power of innovation in a systematic and methodological way, it remains flexible enough to apply creative ideas in many different ways and explore various alternatives before settling on the best course of action.